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Installation and design of Hotel Bathroom Mirror

Edit:    Read: 472  Date: 2017-03-15

Bathroom Mirror in the bathroom as a convenience for us to wash the role of the bathroom is an indispensable component. The appearance of Bathroom Mirror is various, Square, Oval, Egg Circle, or a single whole, mirror edge grinding, mirror carving, delicate and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, with mirror lamp, bathroom cabinet, to create a unified bathroom space. For the installation of the Bathroom Mirror most families are installed in a common style for installation, the installation skills of the bathroom mirror is very much, bring people not only a good mood, more can let you have a unique bathroom, improve the beauty of the whole bathroom space. When many people install the bathroom mirror, they install it on the cabinet door. Behind the mirror, they can also hide a lot of shelves, and can place some daily-used sanitary and daily necessities, such as skin care products, toiletries and so on, can greatly enhance the storage space between the bathroom, because the space between the bathroom is relatively small, many daily is the only daily necessities placed outside will make the bathroom look very messy, through this amount of bathroom mirror installation can effectively arrange the space between the bathroom, let it look more neat. The Bathroom Mirror can also act as the partition screen of the shower room, the installation is similar to the folding mirror of the shutter type, can add color to the space a lot. In fact, interesting ideas come from the small details of life. Can consider with gray metope and black furniture match, light space with white clean tool, add the sorcery of mirror, the dark that makes the bathroom has special lasting appeal. Although there are many ways to install the bathroom mirror, we still need to pay attention not to move and remove the mirror at will when installing it, and not to hit the mirror with objects to avoid breaking and injuring people; floor-standing Bathroom Mirror can be moved, however, it should be done by multiple people at the same angle as before. Do not let the child approach or push or pull the floor mirror alone. So in the bathroom mirror must be set up in advance, so as not to damage the bathroom space after the environment. When installing the bathroom mirror, you need to punch holes in the wall first. When you punch holes, you need to pay attention to whether there are tiles on the wall. If there are tiles, you can not use an electric drill to punch holes, but you need to use a water drill, otherwise, it will cause the ceramic tile to crack and other problems. After the hole is punched, the expansion bolt needs to be punched into it, and fixed well. Then, the Bathroom Mirror needs to be fixed with screws, etc. , many people in the installation of bathroom mirrors will also use glass mirror to the bathroom mirror firmly fixed, this can effectively avoid rust due to screw problems caused by the bathroom mirror fall.

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