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Anti-fog film, Custom Bathroom Mirror Manufacturers

Edit: Admin   Read: 563  Date: 2017-03-15

Want to look in the mirror after a shower? The surface of the Mirror is full of water vapor? Wipe with a towel? It's still a bit fuzzy? Well, such a thing is very common in our lives, and often let a person think on the mirror can not see themselves when a little angry, so how to make the mirror surface does not fog up? There are many methods, but according to the 18-year experience of Bergen Sanitary Equipment Co. , Ltd. , only heating the Lens is the most effective and stable method, what is needed is a fogging-resistant feel -- a product that is held behind a mirror and heated electrically to make the mirror hotter. With anti fogging film, the Mirror has been upgraded to anti fogging mirror, which is easy to use, safe and convenient. Begun is the custom manufacturer of Anti fogging mirror in the bathroom with nearly 20 years of experience in the production of anti fogging mirror, so let's take a look at how Begun's anti fog products actually work. Begun Anti fogging film is made of PET carbon fiber material and copper resistance wire. According to the accurate calculation, the heat energy efficiency of the film can be calculated. It is safe and stable and has a service life of more than 6 years. Its working principle is that the copper resistance wire in the film can be heated by electrifying it, this in turn causes the surface temperature of the mirror to rise. When the surface temperature of the mirror is higher than the temperature of the steam, the mirror will not get foggy and can see itself clearly. Begun, who has 18 years of experience in the field of mirror antifogging, has also used a variety of methods to avoid mirror fogging, such as applying chemicals to the mirror surface, improving the smoothness of the mirror surface, etc. , finally, it is found that the most direct and stable defogging method is the most widely used one now -- Heating Mirrors with a fogging resistant film. Properties of anti-fogging film made of Beigen PET CARBON FIBER: 1. Light and thin: 0.4 mm thickness, the product is both light and thin to ensure its strength, conducive to heat transfer and installation. 2. Energy Saving: Begun antifogging film is applied directly on the back of the Lens, which is good for heat conduction and high energy utilization. 3. Safety Performance: Begun anti-fog film all selected high-quality raw materials in accordance with international standards manufacturing, product quality in line with the corresponding international standards. By directly sticking on the back of the Lens, it not only facilitates heat conduction, but also integrates the waterproof mirror and safety mirror. No leakage phenomenon in tidal operation. 4. A variety of shapes: Begun Anti fogging film heating area can be made into square, Oval and round shape, in addition to meet the use of anti fogging mirror function, but also fully meet the needs of personalized design, to create a comfortable and beautiful environment. 5. EASY INSTALLATION: anti-fogging film adopts full glue surface design, which makes the combination of diaphragm and Lens more simple and the production efficiency higher. Whether hotel rooms or home furnishings, in order to highlight the design art and convenience of life, many designers in the bathroom design will consider the Mirror anti-fog problem, which has gradually become a more basic living configuration, more upscale hotels or villas may need more than the Mirror anti-fog function, in order to decorate the beautiful, many hotels and residential has begun to use light box anti-fog Mirror, decorate the toilet high-end atmosphere. So far, the anti-fogging mirror products with LED backlight have provided high-quality products for more than 1300 FIVE-STAR HOTELS AND MANSIONS ALL OVER THE WORLD! It's worth noting here that many designers have trouble noticing some of the more detailed things when considering aesthetics, such as the installation and post maintenance of LED light mirrors. Begun receives 400 to 500 design drawings from designers each year, more than 90% of the designs of the lamp mirror have this or that kind of problem, either the installation is extremely inconvenient, or the maintenance can not be started. Most of these cases are for the purpose of saving costs, consider making on-site plans to install the anti-fog lamp mirror, but according to Begun's years of experience, there are so few professional tools and necessary materials on site that the result is often a headache for the hotel or the owner for later use and maintenance, which is not what we expected, we have also been stepping up efforts to promote our experience in this area to hotel management groups, professional designers and owners. We believe that when using fog-proof light box mirrors in future decoration, we will definitely choose professional manufacturers of fog-proof light box mirrors, begun is the most cost effective supplier of these products!

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