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Fogo Look brand is affiliated to Dongguan Triangle Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.  registered trademark in 2015. Fogo Look brand products are a bathroom products developed by our company, the current main direction is to develop green bathroom hot water anti-fog mirror. Fogo Look brand hot water anti-fog mirror is the inventor's initial idea of a new type of hot water anti-fog mirror in 2012 because of the inspiration of seeing the bakery glass window de-fog. However, for various reasons, it was not until 2019 that the preliminary design of a high-quality anti-fog mirror with hot water treatment as a function of reliability, stability, energy saving, safety, convenience and durability was finally implemented and won the invention patent, and the bathroom decoration supporting products also won the national appearance invention patent. In August 2022, we registered Dongguan Triangle Plastic Industrail Co., Ltd. in Dongguan city, and set up a product development and production center in Dongguan. Welcome friends come to discuss cooperation.


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